Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Leonard Stein is a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation (TM) since 1980. He regularly teaches in English for the area’s large, diverse international community. See upcoming dates below.

Leonard teaches TM in private or in small groups at the comfortable Espace MT in the Carouge area of Geneva, which is also the Switzerland office of the David Lynch Foundation. He occasionally also teaches in Lausanne and has taught also in the United States, in the Philippines and in the Middle East.

For in-service training or « VIP » courses in the comfort of your own home, please inquire.

Leonard is also available for talks on subjects linked to stress management, personal development, education for peace or health and well-being, for businesses, schools, clubs or simply for a group of interested friends. Please do not hesitate to contact him.

Leonard actively supports the work of charitable organizations bringing the benefits of TM to at-risk populations or developing countries, such as the David Lynch Foundation, which he represents for Switzerland, and Global Peace Initiative – Switzerland. He coordinates the Switzerland Commitee for Stress-Free Schools.

If you are not in Switzerland, please consult http://www.tm.org to find an address in your country. If there are no TM teachers in your country, please contact Leonard.


Learn Transcendental Meditation in Geneva  —
a short course in English with an experienced teacher for a lifetime of benefits

Introductory talks in English on the Transcendental Meditation (TM ) technique with Leonard Stein, M.A. SCI  :


Thursday November 9 at 19:00

Tuesday November 21 at 17:00

Wednesday December 13 at 19:00

Espace MT/ office of the David Lynch Foundation, ave de la Praille 35, ground floor, 1227 Carouge/ Geneva.

Entrance is from the side of the building on rue des Caroubiers. Parking is relatively easy to find in the area but may take a few minutes

Admission is free and all are welcome — please register now, indicating date chosen and number of participants  : mtcarouge@gmail.com or 022 890 1008. Please do not hesitate to contact Leonard for more information.

TM is a simple, natural mental technique for « transcending » : allowing the mind to naturally settle down to a state of pure awareness, of inner silence and serenity. The body gains deep rest and stress and fatigue naturally dissolve. The results are felt almost immediately and regular practice brings increasing energy, creativity, confidence and bliss.

TM courses in English (Four 90-minute sessions over consecutive days plus personalized follow-up program) are scheduled regularly.



Wednesday November 22, 2017 at 19:30

at the David Lynch Foundation office/ Espace MT,

av. de la Praille 35, 1227 Geneva/ Carouge.


With equal parts wit and passion, « Meditation, Creativity, Peace » offers rare insight into David Lynch’s creative process, through interviews and revealing moments from the tour — as well as the filmmaker’s 40-year commitment to Transcendental Meditation as way of changing the world, starting from within.

70 minutes, in English with French subtitles.

Admission is free, please register as soon as possible at leonard@davidlynchfoundation.ch or 022 890 1008 as seating is limited. Please indicate date chosen and number of participants. We will send you a confirmation. Welcome to all !

Followed by a brief discussion with Leonard Stein and refreshments.

More information on the documentary



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